SEISMOCON Monitor Unit

SEISMOCON Monitor Unit


Seismocon System inc. is a Californian company founded by Mike Sjoblom with the idea to bring on a market a simple solution to save lives after natural disaster.  The starting point of Mike’s project is that buildings are mainly responsible of  the victims after un earthquake. With science and his strong background in industry, he decided to create a device which is accurately be able to diagnosis the structure of a building, in real time. If structure is damaged, the device will alerts people inside the building, simply as an alarm do when fire. Mike asked me to design the case of this device, to make it easily integrated inside most of people’s homes.

« IR and LIDAR sensors »

Seismocon Monitor Unit integrates LIDAR and IR sensors. The challenge here was to place them on the face of the product, toward the opposite wall.

« Fully connected »

The Monitor Unit is a fully connected device with wireless connections like Wifi and Bluetooth. He also can be linked with an RJ45 cable.

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